Wasatch Trenchin' Convention 2006

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

With an ominous forecast of heavy snow for the day, the WTC gears up for another session.
Let's see: Demo boards - check. Sawhorses - check. Demo boots - check. Tent cover - dohh!

The early birds flock to the King Con lift for some deep carving action - Jeff, Kirsten, and Bob.

Kirsten is visiting from Sun Valley, and shows how to work the Donek.

Jeff gets low on toeside.

Alternate toe side view.

Bob migrated from Minnesnowta to sample some of this "superlight" Utah powder

Actually, the snow today was a bit wet, and coming down continually.
But we could feel a well-groomed base underneath about 4" of new snow.

Shawna works at Silver Star ski resort in British Columbia, and couldn't resist the call of the WTC.

Shawna has been carving for 10 years. It shows.

Meanwhile, Kirsten generates an increasingly big roostertail from all the new snow.

In conditions like these, there is no substitute for the Madd BX board. Or at least, no substitute for demoing it.

The Madd BX board handles the soft stuff with ease.

More carving .

It's almost as foggy as Shred's Big Mountain photo. But spookier.
Conditions changed erratically throughout the day. Just when I got my camera settings dialed in, I couldn't see anything.

Back at the demo tent, everyone talks shop. Bordy has his hands on a Kessler Titanal board, 2nd generation.
The Kessler Titanal 3rd generation boards are out, but only the Swiss team has them.

As with any session, there is planning, coordination, and tricky logistics. Here, Phil Fell asks Michelle to please,
pretty please, bring some extra pairs of size 27 Raichles. Fin and Michelle will arrive Thursday with Bomber
demos galore. Plus, the Donek demo boards should be on the racks.

It's lunch time, and we have a tent cover! The WTC tent is a beehive of binding setup activity.

The WTC carvers bring their tailgaiting expertise to the mountain.
After some lunch and lounging, it's time for ... more carving!

Phil Fell was 0.4 seconds away from performing the heimlich maneuver on Tilledog.
Yes, you can carve and chew gum at the same time; just don't lose track of it.

Dave shows how to angulate.

and flex.

and extend.

Along with all the out-of-town guests who flock to the WTC, there is a posse of regular snowboard racers.

Speaking of racing, Bordy runs the Kessler Titanal generation 2 through the Nastar course.
Generation 2 kicks butt. Generation 1 is soooo last year.

Kessler Titanal Generation 1 also made an appearance.

Dave shows his patented race-carve Nastar technique.

Near the end of the day, there is ample time to tweak cool new gear at the demo tent.

That was fun - despite the snowfall, everything was carveable. Plus, the session has a great vibe with so many carvers.
Tomorrow is going to be big: Less snow in the forecast, Fin and Michelle with a truckload of gear,
and Donek demos - woohoo!