Wasatch Trenchin' Convention 2006

Thursday, February 2, 2006

It's Thursday morning, and that means it's time to unload the BordyMobile for day 2 of the WTC!

With Fin and Michelle in town, we had double action:
A fully-stocked Bomber tent, plus the Hardbooter.com demo inventory.

Fin and Michelle get right to work mounting bindings on powder-friendly boards.
We got 5" of snowfall the previous night, on top of 5" of snow the day before, so we had "softer" conditions.
The boards of choice: Donek Axis, Donek FC , Prior ATV, Prior 4WD

With all this pow, why not take a spin on Donek Telemark skis, with
some of those Bomber Bishop Tele bindings (see the Bomber Bishop Tweak-o-matic for details)

Speaking of powder, a WTC camper added a last-minute powder exhaust modification to an old freeride board.

Closeup of the PowderExhaust™. Apparently, it worked amazingly well.

The Bomber tent is a model of efficiency: everything is sorted, stacked, cataloged, and tracked.

In contrast, the Hardbooter.com tent has multiple ad-hoc piles of gear in no particular order.
However, Bordy insists there is a filing system involved.

OK, enough talk - Lets go carving! Here, Kirk carves through powdery chop on a Sims Burner split-tail.

I wouldn't normally recommend this board for chopped up powder, but there is a key difference:
Over time, Kirk has built up a mutual relationship of trust with his Burner, and they go everywhere.

And they do it with style.

Also trench'n around the chop is oldvolvosrule.

And Jeff, on a Prior 4WD 174.

Later, Jeff switches over to a Donek race board, and it handles the chop fairly well ...

With the usual caveats of riding a race board through a mogul field.

Meanwhile, Kirsten charts a course through the bumps. Those Doneks have nimble handling edge-to-edge
to get through this crud.

OK, now it's lunchtime, and Skully presides over the Hardbooter.com grill.

As lunch digests, everyone is thinking of what to try out next.

When you remove Catek OS2 bindings, these green things fall off.

Someone is achieving freakishly accurate cant and lift settings.

Back for more carving! After the races finished up, they opened the nicely groomed runs under the
Payday lift, and we hit pay dirt.

Dave carves the newly opened groom.

This style is the "Vitruvian Man" stance.

Michelle takes out the freecarve board, and winds up totally railing it.

Always angulated, all the time.

This unassuming board is a Hardbooter.com DIY model, fabricated using vacuum bagging.
On a stiffness scale of 1 to 10, this one is a 12.

Woohoo! that finishes up another day of all-mountain hardboot'n!
We'll see what we get on Friday, since there is yet more snow in the forecast overnight.
For now, it's time to load up the BordyMobile.