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Bryan has a huge selection of online videos from which to peruse.

The YouTube Phenomenon

To search YouTube for carving videos, go to the categories section, click on Sports, then use search terms like "alpine carving" to search within the sports category. There are a few YouTube users with lots of carving videos:

YouTube users
with lots of videos
Other YouTube users
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Ikae video
gdboytyler video
Mantafu video
bensti666 video
najserrot video
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Google Video (soon to be incorporated into YouTube).

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New for 2007

From paia on YouTube  
Carving On Slush Part 1 6:16 425x350   Roostertails of slush
Carving On Slush Part 2 7:03 425x350   Getting really low in slush, good tekno Musik
From the Canmanski Polish carving page  
Carve Hard or Die Trying in Polish 5:51 320x240 15 MB Carving at Zinal, In Polish, with Bart and Patrix.
Carve Hard or Die Trying: w/English subtitles        
Steinmark carving 2:08 320x240 5MB From their Wipptal trip.
Other good vids  
Carving with Mattias in 2006 1:55 320x240 8 MB Great footage on the AfterBurner.
PlumTV on PureBoarding 3:58 208x160 7 MB PlumTV covered the World Carving Session in Aspen for 2006.
Carving Simulator 9:14 720x576 91 MB Carving at Sölden on a Virus. Very high quality. Great Musik. It's a long download, but worth it.
Trailer: Episode 2006 : Revenge of the Nordics 4:00 640x480 39 MB Video from the ECS 2006, a split-tail Burner session at Sappee, and the Oppdal Carving Camp (with HelmetCam video). Great music lyrics.
More ExtremeCarving, from 2:49 320x240 9 MB More ExtremeCarving. Kool musik.
Vintage freestyle hardbooting videos,
from the Nidecker library


From 2006

Trailer: Episode 2005: A New Carve 4:55 720x576 14 MB Good Industrial music (Rasterfeld:Caco), Lots of different carvers at various skill levels. Several demonstrations of EC technique. Good quality video. Pokkis carves tight turns on the Madd.
Trailer: The Carver Strikes back 5:10 640x480 19 MB Good video quality, good carving. Newskool music
Alexey's Videos on  
Treadle 2:27 640x480 11 MB Alexey and friends carve to Russian pop musik; Alexey does very good toe-grab angulation. There is primo 'cord, and it looks like he has the whole resort to himself
Onboard 3:36 720x576 30 MB A mix of Alexey carving, along with screenshots of the forum showing discussion of carving in Russian, with cheesy Russian background musik. Good angulation, as usual.
Preview 05-06 0:22 640x480 1.4 MB Alexey has great angulation
Carving on Derf's website  
Carvemaster Challenge 4:40 320x240 23 MB East Coast carving.
Pat Donnelly's videos Tiny and short, but sweet. Edited by Larry Castruita.
1-24-04 0:26 160x112 2 MB  
1-24-04-2 0:21 160x112 2 MB  
1-23-03 0:25 160x112 2 MB Now that's angulation. Larry and Pat.
2-11-03 0:27 160x112 3 MB A brief carving run at Beaver Creek
Other fine carving videos  
Todd Brown 0:09 320x240 3 MB He rides a Madd 180 for 3 turns
Laid-out carving at 19:27 320x240 70 MB Good video quality. Bordy & Phil attempt Totally Laid, Linked Turns™ with a medley of gear and music.
Dupraz videos 0:15 320x240 1.3 MB Proving that you can carve on groom with a Dupraz powder board.
Bela sled 3:26 512x576 67 MB Pretty good carving, great music. Shot at Zinal. Alexey carves at Volen, just outside of Moscow.
EC- First attempt 6:21 640x480 27 MB Alexey tries ExtremeCarving, and it's pretty good. Nice rotation. With Techo music.
Choc_5 9:08 640x480 38 MB Alexey carves using an upright style, but he gets really low. Great trance music.
ExtremeCarving ExtremeCarving videos on the SWOARD.
Opus 4: Lifted 2004 4:19 320x240 15 MB Jacques and Patrice do the EC style, featuring 2004 footage.
Opus 1: ExtremeCarving 2001 6:06 320x240 17 MB Jacques and Patrice do the EC style
Opus 2: ExtremeDreamer 2002 5:40 320x240 19 MB Jacques and Patrice do the EC style
Opus 3: Stoked 2003 3:17 320x240 9 MB Jacques and Patrice do the EC style
EC Session 2004 4:49 320x240 16 MB Funky Pink Floyd cover. Plus, a HelmetCam View courtesy of Pokkis.
Zinal 2004 ECS 0:41 320x240 2 MB Jacques carves it up
Rob Crobar 1:12 384x288 8 MB Doing some ExtremeCarving.
Carving Machine Carve & Curve 2003. All types of carving, with very high quality video.
Opening 3:09 320x240 35 MB Great carving, Interesting audio
Slow edit version 2:23 320x240 27 MB  
Slow edit version2 3:44 320x240 33 MB  
Cut a snow surface earnestly! 3:22 320x240 30 MB Best carving.
EDGE01 special edition 3:08 320x240 28 MB  
EDGE10 special edition 3:30 320x240 31 MB  
Trailer 4:38 320x240 39 MB Highly stylized.
Carving Royal 3:24 320x240 30 MB Carving with artistic editing work.
Carving Machine Carve & Curve 2004
Carve & Curve 2004 22:44 320x240 300 MB Great grunge music. They get very low, with a face-the-nose style. Mainly shorter GS turns. Very high video quality. Stylisitc video editing, and high-quality de-interlaced slow motion. Plus a few wipeouts for good measure. Video taken at 3 resorts: Royal Hill, SnowTown Yeti, Yunomaru Kogen
PureBoarding The PureBoarding people carve it up on the #one
Moments of Pride 4:32 640x480 7 MB A slide show of great PureBoarding pics, with great music.
Beyond the Limits 2000 6:08 320x240 11 MB Some butt-skimming, carving fakie, Jörg going through moguls.
The last paradise 2000 6:18 320x240 11 MB Not quite as laid over as the other videos.
Carve it up 2001 3:56 320x240 7 MB Jörg & Co carve it up in Aspen, with a few jump and fakie tricks, some off-piste through the trees, in powder. Serious double-arm carving and butt-skimming.
Not perfect 2002 4:40 320x240 8 MB Wipeouts on carving boards and swallowtails. Illustrates why it's a bad idea to carve in powder. Pond skimming on a #one.
Alpinepunk See the video page for the complete list.
Hardbooters Unite 2004 1:00 320x240 7 MB Awesome carving! Good soundtrack.
Hardbooters Unite 2003 2:29 240x180 5 MB A bit jerky, but passable. Decent music.
Minobong Film #1 Carve Emotion 2:39 320x240 10 MB Freecarving. Good grunge music.
Minobong Film #2 Comming Soon 3:07 320x240 7 MB Racing and carving. Good music
Mattias Carves 0:14 640x480 8 MB Pretty good ExtremeCarving
Olympics 2002 2:37 240x180 8 MB Excerpts of Jeff Greenwood's docu-drama about the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics
Larry 0:21 160x112 1 MB Pretty good carving.

CoolTV is an Internet TV station. The video quality is really low. Streaming only. These are clips from the PureBoarding sessions. It won't work through your firewall.

Carving session 2002 Samstag 7:54 240x180   Not so much carving
Carving session 2002 Sonntag 7:30 240x180    
Carving session Davos 2003 4:47 240x180    
Pure-boarding 2002 Samstag 3:25 240x180    
The carve of your life 9:58 240x180   Good music
Chris Klug's website In the Media
Olympic Trailer 1:30 320x240 5 MB No carving, but it's a really funny NBC trailer for the Olympics. Low video quality.
clip #2 4:00 320x240 13 MB Pretty good carving and racing, includes the Jeep King of the Mountain Y-race. High video quality, plus some shots of surfing.
Chris Webster's Aspen page Tiny videos with high quality.
Larry Castruita 0:21 160x112 1 MB Pretty good.
George Papadatos 0:24 160x112 1 MB Only 4 turns, but impressive.
Session: February 8, 2003 0:22 160x112 2 MB They get really low.
CarveItUp The Canucks carve it up.
Sunshine, March 2003 3:04 640x480 15 MB Simon, Colin, Greg carve it up. No audio or music. Medium quality video.

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