Wasatch Trenchin' Convention 2006

Sunday, February 5, 2006

It's the last day of the WTC, and we got about 5" of snowfall last night, plus we're getting continuous dumping
on some parts of the mountain (each area of the mountain has its own micro-climate).
Fin and Michelle headed back to Summit County last night, so the Hardbooter.com tent is working at full capacity.

With all the powder from last night plus the continuous dumpage, Adam, Skate, and I headed over to the Pioneer lift.
It gets the second shift of grooming, so we are hopeful that the groomers hit it *after* last night's dump.

Once again, Skate wields his PowderExhaust™ modified board for what appears to be 6" of fresh.
Skate rode in the trees with his powder board (wise move), while we hit the Red Fox run.

Adam pulls out the Burton Factory Prime 193, one of Bordy's special race stock boards.
Surprisingly, the board floats pretty good in the pow. Adam cranks it around gingerly, so as to avoid the nose plant.

Adam and I decided to move over to the Payday lift.
Maybe the microclimate over there has hero snow.

On the way over, we passed the carving girls: Looks like Judy is demoing an Oxygen Proton.

And to our surprise, there was in fact well-groomed hero snow on the Payday run. Skully shows how to rip on the F2.

Now that we're on the groom, Adam sets the edge on that 193 Burton and lets it out.
We will show the toeside sequence from all angles:

Heelside is pretty good, too.

Chris, Dave Tille's neighbor, tries out hardboot'n for the first time ever. Love that edging.

Speaking of Tille, here is some toeside action.

Here's Scott on edge.

Then, we go back to the tent and select new weapons.

Skully is going to try the double-yellow sandwich,
consisting of a yellow TD2 gasket (durometer 42) on top of a 3/16" suspension kit (durometer 40).

A sign of the times. The lawyers charge by the word.

Before unscrewing binding bolts, make sure you remove all the snow in the screw hex caps with something like this ice pick,
which we found buried under the snow where the Bomber tent was located. Score!

Body talks shop.

While tending to the demo tent, Bordy can't help trying out the snowskate demos offered in the jib tent next door.

Mrs. Bordy also gets in on the snowskate action.

OK, back for more carving. The snow on the Payday run was in hero form all the way into the afternoon.

Mikey, the Hardbooter.com web monkey, rails it on the Madd.

Mrs. Bordy shreds the afternoon groomers on the Donek Pilot.

Skate makes an appearance with Nordica AT boots on a Rossi race board.

Good news: the Nikon D70 still works after getting sprayed with snow.

Skully loads up the "leg springs" and gets ready to leap into the next turn.

Michael from Australia enjoys the late afternoon groom.

With the day winding down, it's time to grab one last demo board.
WTC was a total blast:
50+ people, 2 demo tents, 4 different micro-climates, free organic vegan gardenburgers, and great people to carve with.
See everyone next year!

Late Breaking News

We didn't get many pictures of Bordy, since he was either tending the demo tent, or going Mach Schnell ahead of the cameraman.
So, Lowell Hart provided us with this exclusive shot!
Taken January 29, at the Race to the Cup GS at Steamboat.