Wasatch Trenchin' Convention 2006

Friday, February 3, 2006

It's Friday - time for another tent raising at the WTC. Despite the forecast, it looks like we got no snow lat night.


And it's time once again to unload the BordyMobile - you never know what you're going to get,
and today we have a selection that includes two of these Tinkler plates.

The Burton Fish (3 cm taper) is Bordy's official go-anywhere Utah powder board.

In no time, the Bomber tent is a frenzy of activity.

The Aunt Edna TD2 model (see the TD2 Tweak-o-matic) was inspired by a phenomenon
that ski instructors refer to as "feathers and fur"

The groomers came through today. The nice grooming tempted some folks to take out the SWOARD for a spin

Everything's dialed in. Oops - better check that kingpin.

Bomber Butter is the key to smooth-as-silk heel receiver performance.

Judy is going to work the Madd on today's super-groom.

How does Fin maintain that svelte figure? Pizza! Chilled to 23º F.

Many of the lighter riders took a liking to the new Donek Pilot.

Well, I didn't get any pictures of people actually carving,
since I spent the whole day riding a demo board and not taking pictures.
(Prior 4WD 179 - excellent in the afternoon, almost as much edge hold as my Volkl 178).
But today, I just happened to notice the scenery.

Downtown Park city is hidden further down the road to the right, behind the foreground mountain.

Uptown Park City.
OK, that was cool. Nice groom. The sun peeked out for at least a few minutes total. Very happening.
Saturday will no doubt be the two-groomings-after-snowfall hero snow day,
and the whole crew will be back at Park City.