Scream of Consciousness

00:10:43 Peter Bauer makes an entrance.

00:11:00 After the JN/PB duo becoming famous for saying "you carve, you carve, you carve, no slide even if it's icy" in last year's Burton video, Peter Bauer issues the sequel, which is "we lean, we lean, we lean, even if it's perf" (I don't understand it either). My copy of the tape was a version for sale in Japan, hence the subtitles
(getting your hands on one of these tapes requires creativity)

00:11:20 Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva carve in sync

00:11:40 More syncronized eurocarving.

00:14:00 In the movie, there is a plethora of Burton MGX hardboots.

Peter Bauer does totally-laid (but not linked) turns.

00:26:40 There is about 3 minutes of racing, with more of those Burton MGX boots on course.

00:47:20 Finally, someone other than NJ/PB eurocarving. These folks are trying to look (and act) as much like JN/PB as possible.

00:70:40 The other guy with the JN/PB technique.

00:48:00 Might be Raichle Snowboarder boots.

00:49:04 For the final carving sequence, it's JN/PB once again.

00:49:10 PB/JN exit skier's right.