On the Board with the World Video

This video comes with a sub-plot out of a David Lynch flick. The theme is dual-doppleganger. Wayward ruffians (PB & JN) travel across the desert, to meet up with snowboard shredders (PB & JN) who arrive at the bottom of the mountain. Plus, Jean Nerva provides the Electric bass soundtrack (he was a music teacher in Paris).

00:42:10 Jean Nerva surfs the glacier on Koflachs

00:42:20 Posing in the Koflachs

00:43:16 The red one piece completes the look

00:46:38 JN and PB (doppleganger pair #1) approach the bottom of the mountain

00:49:00 The snowboard set of dopplegangers arrive at the bottom of the mountain, and shortly meet with the desert ruffians ...