Hear No Evil

About 80% of the riding was hardbooting. Excellent.

00:00:43 First, some teaser shots in the opening montage sequence

00:01:30 Another teaser shot

00:02:40 Cla Mosca carves

00:03:00 Actual groöm.

00:04:00 Dani "Kiwi" Mier carves.

00:06:00 Pond skimming in Koflachs.

00:11:00 Jean Nerva carves in Japan, at Kandatsu. It's really crowded (1 skier per mogul).

00:11:10 Jean Nerva hams it up for the cam.

10:12:50 Also, some racing shots.

00:14:00 At Whistler, Phil Lorimer carves in Koflachs.

00:14:20 Chris Appleton rails on crud.

00:14:20 Doug McFettridge gets some air in Koflachs.

00:14:50 More carving.

00:14:52 Chris Appleton goes for the double-arm technique.

00:14:52 Doug McFettridge rails it on groom, then plows through choppy crud in hardboots.

00:15:30 Then, some carving at Val Thorens. Courtesy of Flynn Seddon, Cody Begon, and Scotty Thompson. They went for some exhibition air in hardboots.

00:21:48. Then, some carving in the Austrian Alps: Martin Freinademetz and Tommy Brunner. Railing on toeside and heelside.

00:21:40 Getting air in plates.

00:21:55 A great railing shot to end that sequence.

00:22:00 Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva make a splash, starting off with some racing.


00:22:20 Then, they go out and put on their exhibition show.


00:22:40 Hardbooting in the trees.