00:02:25 Some racing coverage

00:03:40 Then, Tera Eberhart running gates

00:05:00 Then Tara rides with Jean Nerva & Peter Bauer

00:05:56 Peter Bauer Yodels

00:05:56 Jean Nerva hams it up.

00:06:00 Peter Bauer gets in some racing

00:06:10 PB & JN do some dual Slalam racing with skier poles

00:06:30 PB & JN go freecarving in hardboots

00:07:08 A seminal moment in the history of hardbooting: Jean Nerva says "... you carve, you carve, you carve, you carve ... no slide even if its icy."

00:07:30 PB & JN doing their "arm flailing"

00:33:00 Peter Bauer racing

00:33:35 Jean Nerva racing