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SES 2006 - Trent's photo shoot
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Trent shot a bunch of photos during the SES, and here is a sampler.
On Sunday, Jörg gives a Pureboarding clinic on the West side of Buttermilk.

This photo is its own Onomatopoeia.

Now for a few shots of the limbo contest on Monday ...

Norm almost made this one.

Another final shot of Ken's winning limbo, measured at 12".

On Wednesday at The Highlands, all sorts of people stopped by to say hello.
This photo might be the definitive evidence everyone is looking for that Trent actually attended the SES.

Carving for Cash made its second annual appearance at the Banquet, with trivia questions involving Olympic snowboarders, Burton catalog cover photos, old board specs, signature series race models, and old school videos (it's spelled Ch!ll, not Chill),. Bordy, Chris Prior, and Scott Firestone were contestants. Scott won, and snagged a fabulous waxWHIZard door prize.