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SES 2006 - Sunday
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February 12, 2006

The World Carving Session continues, with the 2nd day of the Summit Expression Session.
but first, Jörg and Eric attend to the Summit Espresso Session.

Also caffeine enabled and ready to go is Fin, with the Bomber contingent of Michelle and Kim.

Ken is going to try the double-yellow sandwich on Pureboarding's #TWO board.

Another bonus of the session: Fin allows anyone to put up a used board for sale. Let's see if George gets any takers.
It's also convenient - multiple people can demo your board on the spot, then get into a bidding war with each other.
Just like the days before internet auctions. It's almost quaint.
(It's a Renntiger 163, if anyone's interested).

The SES demo machine is going through its paces, with Shane helping out at the Donek tent.

We had blue sky and perfect temps. For this week, the grooming is über.
Actually, it's beyond über. It's uüber.

The first carving photo of the day, taken from the lift.

Ken dials in the #TWO. Though, with the super short sidecut, the #TWO might dial Ken.

Remo gives out tips on how to ride the #TWO effortlessly.
In fact, if you are putting any effort into it at all, you're doing it wrong.

Meanwhile, on the chair, Remo gives more #TWO carving advice to Ken.

Chris Webster has arrived.

According to Photoshop, Chris is cranking the board up to 68º.

Michelle makes graceful arcs.

Norm is in the house.

Is it my imagination, or does Norm get lower each day?
The limbo contest is tomorrow, and it looks like Norm is almost ready.

Scott Phillips rails it on the groöm.

Diana rails under the lift.

A split-tail Prior can mean only one thing: Swedish carvers are making their annual migration to Buttermilk.
Here's Mats carving on his Split-tail Prior.

Also trailing closely behind Mats is Steve Sweeny from Tasmania, on the exact same Coiler, with the same topsheet.
Mats has apparently licensed out his split-tail topsheet design.

Patricia is in the groove. Mix rotation and extension, add flexion and a dash of angulation, and you get sweet turns.

Dr. Scott drops in, links up, hooks up.

A new Olympic sport: synchronized carving (It's not as silly as synchronized swimming)

Michelle escapes from the demo tent to take a few runs with Shaggy.

Shaggy dials in a few product-placement shots.

Shaggy switched from 12mm insert bolts to 14mm inserts bolts, and by doing so he has returned balance to the force.

A shot taken from the Tiehack lift. I'm still stalking the elusive "decambered-into-6M-radius" overhead shot.

Also from the Tiehack lift, you can see the slopes of The Highlands, on tap for Wednesday.

Here I'm demoing the #ONE, to see how far I can push it. The board requires angulation. Notice the 25º back binding.

Major torso rotation is required, in order to pull the board into the sidecut that it wants to carve.
It will carve the sidecut it wants, with or without you.
I need to reach 2 more feet before I can do the patented Pureboarding toe grab. So close, yet so far.

Ladia, another Tahoe carvers, tries out the Madd 170.

Ladia rips using his unique speed-carving style. Czech it out.

And now for some big-time news, in the news. This is Jason Blevins, a reporter from the Denver Post.
He stopped by to find out what this whole "carving" thing is about, so that he can write a story about it.
Also of note: this is Jason's first time on any kind of snowboard.

Pretty good board angle for a never-ever.

OK, now for something totally different. Here are a few experiments with a fisheye lens.
Sean Martin is the first to get the fisheye treatment.

Here's Norm in fisheye vision. I think I need to be on the other side of the board for this to work, holding the camera
a foot above Norm's front knee. I'll try that tomorrow.

Kenny just gets warped. But I see potential here. Maybe by the end of the week I can perfect the technique.
Back when Doug Dryer had his web site, he had the sickest shot of himself, taken with a fisheye lens
(but that was with a skilled photographer)

Back in the world of rectilinear projection, Kenny rails it down the race course.

This year, Sean Martin has reached a new low.

Dr. Scott takes a few turns on Donek Tele skis.

Meanwhile, back at the tent, there is frenzy of demoing activity.

Michelle, Diana, and Patricia take a break.

It's about time to wrap things up for the day, and it looks like George hasn't had any luck yet.

As the demo tents get packed up, Bola talks with Frank Dietzel, from Virus.
Frank OEMs the SWOARD at his factory.

Kenny offers his teamster skill-set for help with the Donek boards.

Did I mention the perfect weather, temperature, and grooming? I should be in marketing. Here's my brochure.

The SES continues on Monday at Ajax with more uüber grooming, then moves back to Buttermilk for a packed schedule: a clinic, the limbo contest, and the kegger at Bumps. Woohoo!