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SES 2006 - the Saturday after
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February 18, 2006

On Saturday morning, I checked the status of my flight going out of Aspen, and it's delayed by a few hours. Hmmm, Hmmm, double Hmmm. I think I can get some runs in. I zoomed up to the top of Ruthie's run to get in some last minute shredding. It's not uncommon for flights to be delayed out of Aspen, and when they are, it's not uncommon for them to be delayed by 2 hours or more, which is why I made sure to give myself a 3 hour scheduled layover in Denver. It turned out to be a 20 minute layover.

The grooming was excellent. Also shredding down Ruthie's was Jacqueline, in full Oxess regalia.

Now Ueli is up. He's a rep for Oxess, if you hadn't guessed.

Ueli gets air off a lip at Ruthie's.

OT: The apple strudel at Bonnie's Restaurant (mid-mountain) is killer.

I went back out and found Winfried railing it on a #TWO.

During the International part of the SES (The World Carving Session), the Molly Gibson Lodge turned into an enclave of German-speaking Swiss, since it was occupied almost entirely by the Pureboarding team. Interestingly, you can see the Molly Gibson Lodge from The lower part of Ruthie's Run. For no reason in particular, we will show a photo sequence zooming into the Molly Gibson Lodge. Here is 1:1 magnification.

Now, 1.5:1 magnification

4:1 magnification

11:1 magnification. A relaxing evening at the Molly Gibson consists of soaking in the outdoor hot tub, while smoking a cigar
and watching the Aspen Mountain groomers make their rounds.

Jacqueline and Ueli hang out.
It was major fun getting together with cavers every day. Plus, it's therapeutic - Carving all those great turns really balances the body and soul on their respective astral planes. Now, it's back to California for me. But, as our governor says, "I'll be back."