The Carver's Almanac

SES 2006 / Worldwide Carving Session

February 10-18, 2006

The Friday before








The Saturday after

Encore #1
: Some photos from Trent's camera

Encore #2: Other photos

High-res photos: self-service Kiosk

To get a high-res JPEG from the photo shoot:

  1. Get the name of the photo: In Internet Explorer, right-click on the photo and choose "Properties."
  2. Go to to see a list of the full-res .jpg photos.
  3. Find the photo with the same number: it will have an f on the end.
  4. In internet Explorer, right-click on the name of the photo and select "Save Target As ..."

The "high-res" photos vary in size, since some were cropped. Photos in the original directory are JPEG. However, all photos were shot from the camera in RAW mode. If you want a raw .nef file (5MB each) instead of a high-res JPEG, then send me email:

For .nef files, you need a program that can read the Nikon D70 raw file format, like Photoshop CSx.